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Eden's Glass

Stained Glass Honeycomb Sun Catchers

Stained Glass Honeycomb Sun Catchers

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These adorable, handcrafted honeycomb suncatchers are created with a variety of unique colored and textured glass. They can be hung on either side to give a hint of colour to any office, home or green house window. They're a perfect addition to your garden decor, or simply hung on the wall.


Material: Glass: multi-colored :brown, green, purple, honey, and yellow hues) , foil, solder (for style D copper patina was applied to the solder) It hangs on a leather cord.


Size: Style A: 14.3X10.5cm (5.6”X4.1") B: 13.5X10.5cm (5.3"X4.1") C: 13.3X10.5cm (5.2"X4.1") D: 10.5X10cm (4.1"X4" ) E: 16.5X18 cm (6.5"x7") F: 13.5x17cm (5.3"x6.7")


All glass comes in varieties of textures, patterns and colors which may include bubbles or slight imperfections which is completely normal. These variances give each piece character and its own uniqueness.


Please note due to the variance of computer displays the Color might differ.

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