Care Instructions

Stained Glass

Cleaning instructions:

Each piece of jewellery or Hanging glass has been treated with a finishing compound that polishes and protects against tarnishes and oxidation. Do not clean with water. Although, stained glass naturally oxidizes over time, cleaning it with water will speed up this process and will affect the metal finish. To clean, gently rub off oxidized area with soft cloth, apply a light coat of car wax. Once dried, buff off the wax to restore its shine. For jewellery, be careful not to apply car wax on your leather cord necklace.

How to hang your Stained Glass:

We strongly recommend that all hanging glass should be hung with hooks, nails or screws. Some use suction cups as a method to hang their stained glass. We do not recommend using suction cups since they often loosen and fall. If you choose this method, hang at your own risk.

Safety Warning:

The solder used in stained glass pieces contains lead. The percentage of lead in the solder causes very minimal risk and is not considered harmful to handle. Do not let babies or children put stained glass jewellery pieces in their mouth.  As a precaution, we recommend you wash your hands after handling.

Fused Glass

Cleaning instructions:

For all fused glass pieces that do not contain solder seams can be hand washed with water and soap. To prevent water spots thoroughly dry the glass with a soft cloth.

Leather Cord necklace

Cleaning instructions:

To clean and care for your leather cord necklace use a soft, damp cloth to get rid of dirt. Do not use a cleaner that contains oils as it can trap dirt and moisture and stain the leather. Do not bath or swim with the necklace. Only wear your necklace after you have applied your makeup, perfume and hair spray as these can discolor and even damage the leather.