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Eden's Glass

Love birdies on a branch

Love birdies on a branch

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Two glass birdies sitting in a tree K.i.s.s.i.n.g ...This piece is not only inspired by a child’s nursery rhymes but also by the expression look at these two love birds. Love is the utmost quality that we can either express or receive. When we see two people who are obviously in love, holding hands or gazing into each other’s eyes, it brings up feelings of warmth and happiness. This piece of art is a perfect gift for a special someone, an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. Wishing everyone love and happiness!

Materials: Glass, Solder, Copper Wire, Chain to Hang 

Size:  approx. 26.5 X16 cm (10.4"X6.2")

Please note that every individual piece is unique and sold separately. You may not receive the exact one displayed, but it will be similar using the same-colored glass.  All glass comes in varieties of textures, patterns and colors which may include bubbles or slight imperfections which is completely normal. These variances give each piece character and its own uniqueness.

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