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Eden's Glass

Elegant Tiffany profile (in Blond)

Elegant Tiffany profile (in Blond)

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This piece I designed is dear to my heart. I love facial profile so I wanted to design one for my stained glass art.  As I started sharing my design with friends most where expressing that it looked a lot like my best friend Tiffany. I chuckled to myself since I wanted to design an elegant woman profile and I subconsciously designed my best friend. It fits her perfectly!  She is one of the most elegant human being I've ever met.

Tiffany is graceful and stylish in appearance and manner.  She is an elegant woman who carries herself with poise in a sophisticated and fashionable way, This stained glass version is a stunning décor addition to any home, office, or garden.

Size: 19X14 (7.5"X5.5")

Materials: Glass, copper foil, solder, copper patina, tweed string

Please note that every individual piece is unique and sold separately. All glass comes in varieties of textures, patterns and colors which may include bubbles or slight imperfections which is completely normal. These variances give each piece character and its own uniqueness. Wooden bloc for display sold separately.

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