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Eden's Glass

Ben the little birdie

Ben the little birdie

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Meet Ben the little birdie.

Ben is known as a peacemaker. He has one of the most trustworthy temperaments. He is loyal, calm, and kind, yet firm in his personal stances. He is a natural counsellor, generous with his support and reassurance. He is always there helping friends and family who are experiencing hardship. His downfall is that he can often bypassing his wants and needs to please and help others. Do you know a “Ben”? Take the time to recognize him or her and let them know you love and care for them. Personality card attached to product.

Materials: Glass, Solder, Copper Wire, String (Twine)

Size:  approx. 11cm long X 9.5cm wide (4.5” X 4”) includes legs 

Please note that every individual piece is unique and sold separately. You may not receive the exact one displayed, but it will be similar using the same-colored glass.  All glass comes in varieties of textures, patterns and colors which may include bubbles or slight imperfections which is completely normal. These variances give each piece character and its own uniqueness.


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